Who is Raki Razi
Raki Razi (Born Sharakah Ahzan Razi) was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He and his father relocated to Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 1. He was given his unique name by his father from a dream his father had at the age of 8. In the dream, his father had a son that would grow up to do many things in the world and become something special for generations to come, and his name was Sharakah. His last name, Razi, was created by his father and uncle to start a whole new legacy for their family. So Raki is the first Razi born in his entire family.
At an early age, he was exposed to hip-hop and all types of music because his father had big dreams of becoming a star in hip-hop. At first, at the young age of three, he would rap because he wanted to be just like his dad. By the age of 8, it dawned on Raki that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He moved to California where he would gain the inspiration to dedicate his life to show business. He would perform in all of his school plays and choir events. At 8, he asked his father if he could write his first rap. His father said no, because he felt, if his son really wanted to be great, he would figure it out on his own. A year later Raki would star in his dad's music video, "Who Do I Belong To". This is where he got his first real experience in acting. In his role, he played a homeless kid, looking for help.
At age 11, he moved back to Atlanta, Georgia and attended Sutton Middle School. During these years, He came to realize that Andre 3000 attended the same school when he was younger. From that moment, Raki dedicated himself to be the next person to make it in music, from this school. Later learning, Bobby Valentino went there too.
At age 13, Raki Razi moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to live with his mom, stepdad, and two sisters. During these years, Raki started dancing and was a part of the krump dance scene in Vegas. He eventually left krump to learn how to turf ( a Bay area dance). This is when Raki really developed his sound. Getting inspirations from Tupac, E-40, Too Short, and Mac Dre. During his high school years, he would be in Drama and for his senior year, was in the play, "Sandbag".
After high school, Raki spent a couple years back and forth from California to Las Vegas. During the years, he would struggle with his music, because he didn't have many supporters. Never the less, Raki Razi still continued down the path of an entertainer.
After his 20th birthday, things started to look up for him in his career, and he started to network: going to shows, hookah lounges, events, anything to get him closer to his dreams.
Now, he's made his first single and shot a great visual for his song, "Let Me See". Raki Razi is focused, hungry, confident, dedicated to having a successful career and leaving a prominent legacy.