I go by the name Chech,  I have been doing music since I was a young kid. I always liked different sounds and melodies that made me follow my dreams. I have done all sorts of music and decided to create my own. I  came from a family of nine and I lived on the streets all my life. Most of my music is about the love of my relations I have been through my whole life. I wanna give thanks to my mother for helping me on everything thing she did. The love of my life Elicia for telling me not to give up, my son who loves his father's music and my brothers who told me now it's my time. I wanna give a special thanks to my crew who rolled with me when we started this. Renzo, Eden, Hondo, Omar, Carlitos, Young Jay, and Malo and I wanna give a special thanks to Bill for taking a shot in my music hope you enjoy. And a special thanks to my friend, family & my fans since day one.