Cory J has been singing and performing since the age of five at several
schools, community, church productions, and plays. At the of 13 years old, he
was in of a music group called Fidelity Credence (Loyalty to your Beliefs) which
traveled and performed for two years throughout all of the Midwest.

        The group performed in schools, youth conventions, youth groups, theaters
churches, inner city projects, charities, and benefits. The group's aim was to spread
positive messages to encourage and inspired kids and teens to live more responsible
lives. That led to being apart of Nitro Praise out of Nsoul Records for a year of travel,
festivals, and shows.

        Cory J then made the move to California where he lived in San Diego, Huntington
Beach and Los Angeles. Within a five year period, Cory was a part of three music groups,
two guy groups, and one co-ed group. One of the groups had the privilege of working
with world renown singer, songwriter and producer Jamie Jones from (All for One) then
Hollywood Records and Steven Segal (Sony Japan).

        With each music group, Cory realized through his dedication and sacrifice that he
had the potential to pursue his own solo career. Although the experiences of touring,
recording and networking were beneficial the lack of commitment and creative
differences was a conflict and never matched his work ethic. Cory J then migrated to
the south to embark on a solo career. He sought out to surround himself with a talented
and diverse cast of dancers, musicians, producers, choreographers, singers, etc.

        The result has been a musical fusion that radiates not only great energy but racial
reconciliation, unity and spreading a message of positive music to all ages, races, and
backgrounds. Cory J has performed all throughout the south for the last two years. Since
early 2007 Cory J has been networking with Bill Ross of Inner World Entertainment. Now
Cory J is officially a part of the Inner World Family. It's time to make history throughout
the world.

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